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Hi! I'm Grace. Thanks for visiting my blog!

In this blog you'll find a bunch of articles on good bugs and bad bugs in the home and garden, and how to foster the beneficials while keeping the pests at bay. The pest write-ups (roaches, termites, flies, bedbugs) are a series of articles I wrote for Terminix a few years back, and boy did I have fun with those! There are also posts from my awesome Fun with Bugs! educational program for kids (and the young-at-heart too) where I talk about roach ranching, bug petting and delicious chocolate covered crickets. Yum.... :)

How did I get into bugs? I went on my first bug hunt when I was studying agriculture in university and was hooked. I later got a job as an entomologist with the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, which is the absolute best place to be for bug hunting. For the next nine years, part of my ‘job’ (if you could call it that!) was collecting insects in some of the most pristine and gorgeous forests around the world.    My love of insects has also opened up many opportunities. I won a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a PhD in Entomology at Virginia Tech where I spent three incredible years. Go Hokies! They really teach you how to conduct good bug hunts there.

Aside from organizing fun bug activities, I also give bug lectures and help folks with their pest problems. Do drop me a line if you have any questions. I LOVE hearing from you!

xo Gracie

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