Fun With Bugs!

Educational and Fun Insect Programs for All Ages
Designed and conducted by entomologist Dr Grace Lim-Clark (that's me!)

I offer a range of services that educate and entertain. Base fees are $60 per hour. Equipment and teaching aids provided.

Lectures and Labs
Topics: insect collection & appreciation, pest management and etc. All ages.

Bug Petting Zoo
Children love meeting Archie the Giant Millipede and the Madagascar Hissing Roaches. These slow-moving, harmless creatures are a top draw at events and fundraisers. Cost: $50.

Insect Tastings
A fun, educational activity that many kids and grown ups enjoy. 'Choco chirpies' are delicious and kids come back for more! Farm raised crickets are fed organic apple slices, roasted to crisp perfection then dipped in high quality chocolate. Cost: 25 cents each.

Roach Races
A thrilling event for all. 'Thoroughbred' racing hissers sprint down a specially designed roach race track. Roaches can be 'adopted' for a race, for small donations. A proven fundraiser. Cost: $50

Custom Programs
I can organize your choice of activities for your event. E.g. a three hour event featuring the bug petting zoo, insect tastings, pinned insect specimen exhibits and a roach race would be $380.

I love to give non-profit organizations discounted rates - please mention when requesting a quote!

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