Saturday, July 25, 2009

Venture Outdoors Family Fest hosts Fun with Bugs!

Date and Time: 25 July, 2009 (12 to 4 pm)
Place : Mellon Park, Pittsburgh.
Ages : All ages

Oh boy did it pour! There was a decent turnout despite the poor weather and we received about 200 visitors. About 85 choco chirpies were consumed, with many kids coming back for more. The Roach Races were the highlights of the Fest. There were 46 roach 'adoptions' for the 3 races held to crowds of 30 people each time. Enigma the 'underdog racer' won all three races, and 13 prices were awarded to those who picked Enigma. The Bug Petting Zoo was one station where visitors learnt about Giant Millipedes. I feel it is important they know that these bugs are beneficial, harmless, and ‘good bugs’. I wanted visitors to overcome misperceived fear of bugs, know that there are ‘good bugs’, and touch a bug. Winner of the 'Leg's Guess Contest' was Ahmed Mansour who took home a grand prize of 1 VO family pass, 2 t-shirts and a cap. Prizes were also mailed to winners of the Bug Art Competition. Thanks to all the volunteers!

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